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We are committed to assisting those who are interested in either building a profession based on their linguistic versatility or exploring the nuances of a particular culture.

Founder Lama Hamdan

“Doctor of Philosophy”-PhD


To whom it may concern:
Throughout my career, I have created and taught international communications skills to 2000+ students, federal stakeholders, and private clients. I have 15+ years of research and communications experience centered around the intersection of global public policy, media, and cultural traditions in Arabic-speaking countries throughout Africa and the Middle East.
I provide private training for corporate leaders, government agencies (CIA, FBI, DoD, and Homeland Security), and federal officials. Utilizing my customized curriculum, I teach real-life communication skills related to the intersection of global economies, religions, current events, and shifting international cultures.
In addition to my professional training understanding, I have been a college instructor for 10+ years. I have provided leadership both administratively and with large groups of students. On an individual level, I act as an advisor in helping students set goals that contribute to the classroom experience and maintain a culture of academic excellence.
I possess a Ph.D. in public policy/homeland security and terrorism, with a dissertation on public discourse related to Islamic terrorism, government surveillance, and immigration in the Middle East/Africa. I also hold two master’s degrees in Arabic language and literature and English as a second language, respectively. Through this education and 15+ years of experience living abroad, I have gained a deep knowledge of Arab history, culture, politics, and economy.
I have deep writing experience in the form of a research-based curriculum. At the university level, I have written extensive material for special topics classes, such as Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa. Additionally, I have written 2000+ hours of specialized curriculum for my private training classes.
My technology competencies are vast. As a language trainer, I have mastered the art of digital teaching. During Covid-19, all training sessions were moved online. As a result, I recreated much of my live training curriculum to be accessible via digital format. I am adept in all significant video communications platforms, including Zoom. In the private sector, I helped develop and introduce the Bloomberg Government (Bgov) to the public sector, demonstrating its ability to market intelligence and grow the federal business.
As a college instructor, one of the main pillars of my teaching is the impact of traditional and social media on traditional Arabic cultures. Additionally, I have managed websites, analyzed data sets, and utilized a content management system to track student work.
My language skills include native fluency in Arabic and advanced English proficiency. I have a natural penchant for learning foreign languages, studying cultures, and communicating with individuals from various backgrounds.
I believe I am an excellent fit for this strategic communication position. I look forward to additional communication.

Lama Hamdan

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We provide language learning with a character that is both genuine and relevant to the individual learner. Taking classes that are specifically designed for your needs will ensure that you get the most out of your time spent studying a foreign language.


We provide live Zoom lessons where you will have the opportunity to practice speaking the language and learn about the culture from a Native American instructor.

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We prepare you for success by teaching you new skills at the ideal level and giving you chances to learn from rapid feedback on your pronunciation by providing live coaching with native speakers. This puts you in a position to achieve your goals quickly and easily.


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Online one-on-one and group language instruction are also available through LJB Training Solutions.


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Our corporate headquarters is located in Clifton, Virginia.
We operate language classes in over 40 states in the U.S. as well as in Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa. We have been successfully working worldwide with the federal government since 2000 providing training in over 60 locations nationally and internationally to government linguists. In addition to on-site courses, we can conduct group classes or even make a home visit if desired. If a face-to-face class is not possible to arrange due to your schedule or location, we offer classes remotely via free platforms like Skype, FaceTime, AdobeConnect, Zoom, and WhatsApp.

Start by completing the online need’s analysis, and we will contact you to chat about your goals plans for study. After an initial discussion, if a language program with LJB sounds like a good fit, we’ll schedule an appointment to speak more in depth about your program either in person or over the phone, and plan your class and curriculum options!

Contact us to get the conversation started. One of our language specialists would love to talk with you about your company’s language needs and determine what you want and need for success. Our curriculum coordinators will then develop a program best suited to your business or organization and put together the appropriate schedule for your group language program.
That depends. Gaining fluency or proficiency is individual, although there are several factors that play a key role in speeding up the process. These factors include: prior language, how often you practice language out of class, your personal motivation, and your natural language aptitude.

We focus on proficiency (what you can or cannot do) rather than achievement (a numeric score) to assess your language level.
The ACT FL scale was developed by the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages and provides values and ratings for each level of language proficiency. These guidelines represent a hierarchy of global characteristics of performance in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. You can learn more about the ACT FL scale to place, assess, evaluate, certify, hire, and qualify an individual’s language level by clicking here.
How can I read it? The ACTFL guidelines describe a sample of a particular range of ability and include a ten-level scale. Again, each range identifies what it is you can or cannot do in the four linguistic skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
Why do we use the ACT FL scale? We rely on the ACT FL scale as it is currently being used worldwide by academic institutions, government agencies, and private corporations.

LJB will assess your language skills by using an online assessment and/or face-to-face assessment. Our language experts will combine and measure the results from your assessments and provide you with your current level and what you need to do to gain proficiency at that level and advance.